Two channel audio

exhibited in Easy Listening

West Space   June 20 – July 13 2013


Philipa Veitch, Partisan, MDF, timber, perspex, telephone handsets, curl cord, MP3 players,dual channel audio (read by Renate Wanek and Scott Donovan), dimensions variable, 2013, photography by Matthew Stanton

Partisan considers the form of written and spoken address known as the declaration. Reflecting on historical changes in the way in which we express notions of agency, freedom, and personal beliefs, it considers two forms of the declaration that have been synonymous with (respectively) the early and later periods of Modernity – the manifesto and the positive affirmation. Partisan looks at the ways in which writing and speech have been used as vehicles for change, contrasting the ways in which the manifesto addresses the social and political conditions that curtail freedom with that of the positive affirmation, which assumes lack of personal freedom or happiness to be a question of individual choice.