Loose projects

Level 2 / 168 Day St, Sydney CBD

Carla Cescon, Ryszard Dabek, Alex Gawronski, David Haines, Bronia Iwanzcak, Anne Kay, Lisa Kelly, Jane Polkinghorne, Mark Titmarsh, Philipa Veitch

2006 – 2007

Preparing the space prior to the first show, March 2006


Installing the first exhibition ‘Loose’, April 2006


Opening night ‘Loose’, 5 April 2006


Opening night ‘Loose’, 5 April 2006


Mark Titmarsh, artist talk for the exhibition ‘Earth’, 3 – 20 May, 2006


Mark Titmarsh, artist talk for the exhibition ‘Earth’, 3 – 20 May, 2006




‘Cones of Zontact’, exhibition and catalogues, 8 – 23 June, 2006


‘Cones of Zontact’ (detail), 8 – 23 June, 2006


‘Cones of Zontact’ catalogues (detail), 8 – 23 June, 2006


‘Loose Ends’, 30 May – 16 June, 2007


Philipa Veitch, ‘Loose Ends’ (detail), 30 May – 16 June, 2007


All photos courtesy of Loose projects


Loose – 5-29 April, 2006

Carla Cescon, Ryszard Dabek, Alex Gawronski, David Haines, Bronia Iwanzcak, Anne Kay, Lisa Kelly, Jane Polkinghorne, Mark Titmarsh, Philipa Veitch

Earth – 3-20 May, 2006
Mark Titmarsh
Silly String (theory) – Mark Titmarsh

Metaphysical TV (still) – 24-27 May, 2006
Andrew Frost, Stephen Harrop, Michael Hutak, Mark Titmarsh, Gary Warner
curated by Mark Titmarsh

Cones of Zontact – 8-23 June, 2006
Alex Gawronski – Gail Hastings, Iakovos Amperidis, Stephen Birch, Robert Pulie, Rachel Scott, Gianni Wise
Mark Titmarsh – Damiano bertoli, Gary Carsley, Manya Ginori, Reuben Keehan, Nuha Saad, Mimi Tong, Tony Schwensen, Gemma Smith, Justene Williams
Carla Cescon – Mikala Dwyer, Sarah Goffman, Andrew Hurle, Lucy Merrett, Elvis Richardson, Kevin Sheehan
Lisa Kelly – Loose Projects, MOP, S.N.O., SquatSpace, SYDNEY, Sydney, Ladies, Artists, Club, Runway
Anne Kay – Jenny Brown, Vicky Browne, Simeon Bryan, Sophie Coombes, Brian Fuata and Peter Volitch, Ian Millis, Kylie Wilkinson
Jane Polkinghorne – Paul Borderi, Trevor Fry, Benja Harney, Tim Hilton, Richard Gurney, Helen Hyatt-Johnston, Anna Peters, Justene Williams
Ryszard Dabek – Stephen Creswell, Christopher Hanrahan, Horst Kiechle and Margaret Roberts, Andrew Newman, Salvatore Panateri, Abram Powell, Justin Tredall, Emma White, Geoff Weary, Dan Zero
Philipa Veitch – Lisa Andrew, Jay Balbi, Bonnie Elliott, Gretchen Geraets, Beata Geyer, Alan McFetridge, Elizabeth Pulie

Civilized – 28 June – 15 July, 2006
Alex Gawronski

IPSO Video – 19-22 July, 2006
Jasmin Avrill, Kim Connerton, Kylie McKendry, Andrew Newman
curated by Ryszard Dabek

Like talking to a brick wall – 26 July-12 August, 2006
Josie Cavallaro

The End of Dollar Hegemony – 16-19 August, 2006
curated by Jenny Brown

In the dark and alone art magic – 23 August-9 September, 2006
Lisa Andrew, Debra Phillips, Elvis Richardson, Kevin Sheehan
curated by Carla Cescon

Just checking to see what condition your condition is in – 13-16 September, 2006
Carla Cescon, Sarah Goffman, Taniya Chaly, Drew Dicksord

Beautiful Decay – 20-30 September, 2006
Daniel Askill, Eileen Botsford, Stephanie Bray, Simone Douglas, Danny Ford, Matt Glenn, Tanya Peterson
curated by Matt Glenn d/Lux Media Arts project

The Sounding – 18 October-4 November, 2006
Philipa Veitch

Roundabout – 8-11 November, 2006
Gianni Wise

High Anxiety – 15 November-9 December, 2006
Dane Mitchell, Michael Morley, Ruth Watson
curated by Scott Donovan Projects

Free Market – 13-16 December, 2006
Co-ordinated by Loose projects

The Shit Show – 11-27 January, 2007
Trevor Fry, Sarah Goffman, Raquel Ormella, Jane Polkinghorne
curated by Jane Polkinghorne

workshop.nonstop – 7-24 February
CLUBSproject, Brigit Currie, Kate Fulton, Christopher L G Hill, Lucas Ihlein, Lisa kelly, OSW )Open Spatial Workshop), Spiros Panigrakis + guests and collaborators, performance by MofFarFarRah
Co-ordinated by Lisa Kelly

Between – 6-24 March, 2007
Ryszard Dabek

New Mysticism or the Steam boiler effect or you’re not going to get out of here alive, NO WAY NO HOW – 28-31 March, 2007
Shane Haseman

Libidinal Cement – 4-7 April 2007
curated by Vanilla Netto

Open Letter – 11-14 April, 2007
Jeff Gibson, Bronia Iwanczak, Ruark Lewis, Linda Marie Walker, Debra Phillips, Jacky Redgate
curated by Bronia Iwanczak

Wunderkammer – 18-21 April, 2007
curated by Ian Geraghty

Orbis Grafo a scenography of dissent – 25-28 April, 2007
Gary Warner

Untitled (Group Show) – 2-26 May, 2007
Monica Brooks, Tameka Carter, Louise Dibben, Kusum Normoyle
curated by David Haines

Loose Ends – 30 May-16 June, 2007
Mark Titmarsh, Justin Trendall, Anne Kay, Ian Haig, Josie Cavallaro, David Haines, Vicky Browne, Alex Gawronski, Shane Haseman, Stephen Birch, Philipa Veitch, Jane Polkinghorne, Paul Borderi, Trevor Fry, Carla Cescon, Kevin Sheehan, Lisa Andrew, Sarah Goffman, Lisa Kelly, John Borley, Bronia Iwanczak, Luke Strevens, Lisa Jones, Vanila Netto, Liz Day
curated by Loose projects